Sample of a Terrarium  


A Huge Empty Cognac Glass?

What Is A Terrarium?

What is a TERRARIUM? A terrarium is similar as a vivarium but without water. A terrarium is an enclosure for keeping or growing indoor plants. A terrarium is simply an enclosure with soil, for the keeping safe of plants that needs soil to grow.

The terrarium is a mini eco-system.

Your terrarium will have everything needed by whatever plants you put into it. Decide what kind of terrarium you want to create: ; maybe even a dark, shadowy swamp! There are endless possibilities of what you can to build.

Basically there are 3 types of land environment: forest, desert and swamp. Each environment has certain characteristics, and these three types are very different from each other. When we explore these eco-systems, we will find out what type of plants belongs in which kind of environment, and we'll learn about the relationships between the environments and the plants. When we learn about eco-systems, each part of the environment is dependent upon each other. When we have decided what to create, we build it, and we watch the results of our work. 

Samples Of Fascinating Terrariums

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